Soy Sauce

Prepared with only premium grade soy beans, soy sauces are used by households and professional kitchens around the world, who understand the qualities required in a Chinese soy sauce.

Oyster sauce

Select top grade oyster juice, which not only deliver strong aroma, but also the perfect colour. A perfect demonstration for real oyster freshness taste


Vinegar give a distinct sour taste which is perfect to not only for cooking, but to marinade various food and vegetables.

Abalone Sauce

Abalone sauce has a distinct dark brown colour, gives a very full and fresh taste with strong abalone aroma. Is a perfect sauce for various dishes.

Fermented bean curd

Select only the best soy bean, follow the tradition way of sooking, graining, and natural fermentation. Is a complex process which need a lot of work, time and experience. Fermented bean curd can not only eat alone but also go perfectly with congee, rice, hotpot, even mutton.

Sesame Oil

Made from top-graded roasted sesame seeds with longlasting and strong sesame flavour

Chicken Marinade

Chicken Marinade has nice colour and strong aroma. One can cook a perfect chicken by simply adding a chicken into chicken marinade sauce and boiling water. Chicken Marinade can also be use in marinading various meat and seasoning for various dishes or fried rice.

Convenience Sauce

Convenience Sauce is perfect for speedy cooking, seasoning or simply use it as a dipping sauce.